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Registry survivors list

Registry survivors list
The HISTORY of the HURST SC/Rambler underdog as told by the actual owners. During AMC's brief time in performance history, these 4 speed factory race cars broke records and cultivated an exclusive following of dedicated enthusiasts. The low production numbers left them relatively unnoticed in the frenzy of the go fast image amongst the big 3. It wouldn't take long before they would disappear one at a time from the race tracks and then the streets and became destine to reside in storage or a barn. Most were never used in the line of duty and sadly never saw a race track. There are very few original untouched Scramblers still remaining today and although we estimate that approximately 500 SC/Rambler's have survived, only about 100 of these are actual running and driving cars on the road today.

Our mission is to document the original history of each one of the 1512 built as told by the actual owners. Anyone who ever had one of these cars will tell you; it was a privilege to own and a riot to drive.

"Today it's A Rare Opportunity just to see one in person!"


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