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SC/Rambler CLONE - 1968 Rogue
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Sept 25 2007

The car looks identical to a real SC/Rambler on the outside, but the interior has leather seats (front and back) from a 2004 Accord. (bolted right in) The entire interior is BLACK!

As you all know, the car runs and drives like a screaming banchai, whatever a Banchai is. It attracts so much attention, where ever I go, it unbelievable. I think its because, no one has seen such a car here in Manitoba before and no one else has ever tried to build one. The people that actually remember the cars back in the late sixties, are also amazed, because again, they haven't seen one for almost 40 years.

May 21, 2005

*1968 Rogue (blue) 2 Dr. H.T., 290 Automatic W/ 97,454 miles (purchase May 21, 2005)
*Totally dismantled and sandblasted inside and out.
*Epoxy primed and painted base/clear bright white and bright red "A Scheme"
*Red Lines tires from Coker and bright blue wheels
*69 dated 390 C.I., 30 over
*69 dated T-10
*"A Scheme" strip package and Hurst Fender/Rear emblems
*Reproduction hood scoop
*Entire car is mechanically rebuilt bumper to bumper

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