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For any persons wishing to have their cars added to the registry with respect to privacy. Entry will be documented and counted in the number of surviving Scramblers, you may request that your identity be kept private. You will still need to fill out the join form in the regular fashion using your real name (this is for our records only), check the box - Request private entry. Your entry on the survivors list will read: OWNER - Private You will have the same access to the registry as the other members, but you will be requested by a follow up email to provide the registry with proof of ownership for our records before your entry will be added to the data base! We will promise to keep your personal email and name private and will not be seen by the public viewers.

We have made provisions for these private entire's for the accuracy of the registry and so we may establish a true number of surviving cars in order to substantiate their value as rare muscle cars.

Thank you for your co-operation and interest in our registry.


Having Problems submitting entries or logging in?

When the administrator is updating the data base itself, no one else can have access to it. A registry user will be able to fill out the form but will not be able to submit while the administrator has the panel open for updates. If you should encounter such problem, we ask that you be patient and wait an hour and come back an try it again. Tech administrator try's to do updating late at night when the data base should not be very active, how ever depending on you time zone and of course the administrators time zone will be a factor to being able to log in or submit a new entry.


All Scramblers owners past & present and current status UNKNOWN

This registry will only accept the vin# once, if you could not submit an entry to this registry...this could be why: This registry contains aprox. 50 entries with proper Vin #s and was provided to us by one of our members and is believed to be part of a registry started about 20 years ago. There is enough correct information to assume these are indeed authentic Scramblers.

We do not however know the names of the owners for these cars. It is assumed to be safe that these cars do exist somewhere today and that these cars are believed to be real, and have been added to the 1512 registry. Since we are documenting every scrambler our registry goal is to have 1512 entire's. Any Scrambler owner past or present is welcome to take part in our registry, please feel free to email us anything that may help us track down a piece of history for one of these cars.

If you suspect that you own or have owned a car on this registry listed or have any trouble making a submission to this registry, then please contact us at

All entire's once approved can immediately start sending pictures and stories for their public pages, to courtesy of

It is our goal to track down every Scrambler ever built and document that cars life whether it still be with us today or not. If you know of anyone who owns one of these cars, or who might have owned a Scrambler at one time, please encourage them to join us in our quest to document the history of our great factory race cars, The 1969 1/2 AMC-Hurst SC/Ramblers.

Sincere thank you, Joie Vaughan

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