This picture was taken the day I retired this 360 motor from the line of duty! It had served 86,000 miles of my daily performance addiction.

This 360 engine I built, was assembled using all the parts I listed below, but was never balanced. It was originally a joke between myself and my friend Darryl, I was wining about my 390 engine wows and he said "just look around" and then something about putting together a fairly decent motor with spare parts I had just laying around the shop. So that's exactly what I did and after it ran extremely well. it kind of turned into an experiment to see how long it might stay together. Much to my surprise it would turn out to be one of the best motors I had in this car. This engine got a total of 86,000 miles on it in approximately 12 years of daily driving. It only ever had to come out once in that time to repair the oil sump. This was the quietest car on the outside but inside it was very loud! The exhaust hugged the floor and the solid motor mounts vibrated and droned sounds from everywhere. The rumble that you could feel through your feet and the steering wheel was way cool. It truly felt like a performance car with manual steering and a heavy clutch! It was a handful to drive. This engine never slowed down or even hinted of loosing power, but it did start to make noise, so I pulled it out at the end of the season.

My last pass I ever made at the track was 13.10 @110 mph, a 360 with over 75,000 miles on the engine at the time! Not bad for a girl who built this engine herself 12 years earlier from stuff she had just laying around the shop.

• 1970 360 block
• new-343 factory replacement cast flat top pistons .030
• 68-343 original cast rods
• 1980 304 cast crank out of a CJ (my customer Steve couldn't kill it, so I used it!)
used early 70's Crower monarch cam shaft (20$ at a swap meet)
• 1970 cylinder heads modified & built by ME (the girl) when I worked for Vince at Diamond Engines, 11/32 2.08 intake 1.68 exhaust    valves. BB Chevy Vasco Jet Springs and sm bl Chev screw in studs and used as in second hand 1.6 cast rocker arms from early 60's 260 ford eng.
• 1969 non egr Edelbrock Torker intake manifold (NOT SLOTTED) The heads were drilled and tapped to accept the older intake manifold
• Mallory Dual point Distributor
• Taylor Spiral Pro 7mm wires
• Jocobs Coil
• Champion Spark plugs!
• 3 1/2 Inch K&N Air Filter
• Stock Manual Carter Fuel Pump!
• Modified 780 vac sec Holley with 2 inch spacer plate.
• Thrush sm tube headers, 2 1/2 exhaust with the H-pipe and 3 in. tips
• Original stock Motorola Alternator
• T-10 4 speed with 2.64 1st gear
• 215 75 HR 14 tires
• Original to the car-Dana 20 3.54 posi with the 2 piece axles, I broke axles in this car 7 times, but with a little good fortune, each time I was able to limp it home. The last time was at the race track where I repaired it on site and the next morning I ran my last pass but fastest ET so far- During the first time trial breaking out at 13.10 @110mph, and yes the axle had moved again. Now I am out of parts to continue this type of repair so this was the last time I ever made a pass at the track.   note to self: Get aftermarket axles!

You see, nothing special, just a Rambler driven by a girl who like to shift at 7500 rpm!. Now, before you say “yeah right”, I can tell you, that a lot of extra miles were logged on this car as a result of me volunteering to take doubting folks for a short ride to see it for themselves. Just ask around and I'm sure you’ll hear about some wild times… but hey, I'm not admitting to everything they say (just to clear that up)!