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Bambi - 1964 Willys J-200 Special - Step side Pick up
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To be completely fair to joie, this Willys truck is the vehicle that was the reason for joiesjeeps.com in the first place and is untimately the anvil in which the spark was made from for the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry and Amazing Muscle Cars creation.

A final box change...really

My never ending project I have had now for over 10 years, although I have driven it around on its own power, it has never been licensed for the road. That still remains to be seen! I have now had to part out a total of 7 trucks, and I believe this is the last one needed to see this truck finished!

Oct 2006
Repair and improve fiberglass rear fenders

This is my friend, he is a fiberglass guy...well that is, he'a guy that works with fiberglass and not a guy made of fiberglass!

My asthsma is terrible these days so I choose to turn our back shed into a temporary work shop, he's a pro and knows what he is doing and I have never worked with the stuff! Its a rare occasion for me when some one else gets to work on the truck!

June 2005
Out with the exhaust manifolds and on with the new headers

I bolted the cyl heads on this truck when I was 7 months pregnant.

At this point this 304 short block has been in the truck for 3 years and has never been fired.

Steering column change again...

All I have for a tranny and transfer case at this poin is an automatic with a new process, so I will need to change the colum, but I'll leave the pedals in because I know I'll change it back to a standard again.

2002- 2005
A few years in storage

No then its right back to business as usuall, first thing is No More chevrolet sm block , I have a 304 ready ready for duty! Well at least it is AMC!

2000 New bigger shop & parts truck number 5

Well I see a roll bar first thing! and hey check out what is under it... A BOX! an it just happens to be my favorite step side model!

Front diff conversion

Here I have decided to remove the guts from the front diff and do away with the old 5 bolt wheels and drum brakes. As you can see I decided to pull out the whole diff and disassemble it, clean and painted the housing goes back in with new front leafs I had specially ordered to keep the front of the truck down at least another inch.

My plan is to mix the original long axles with the short axels from a newer set up and bolt on some disc brakes to the closed knuckle front diff. All because I was told it can't be done, well, I have I have a right mind to finish it and see if it actually does work!

Sm Block Chevy motor mount improvement and Steering box improvement

This is my Jeep friend Morris, HE was good with a cutting torch so I got him to go in there and do this nasty job after we had painted the truck. The original owners modifactions for motor mounts when he installed the Chevy had to be changed. Every time I opened the hood to show the engine, you would tilt your head, they had one mount longer tha the other and yes it was on an angle. And thi shad ot be changed. I used a motor mount kit for hit rods that bolts up to the heads and to the frame, to hange the motor while we cut off all the old stuff and put in some motor mount brakets from a donor truck.

All th eun needed parts had to put taken out and on this old willy fram everything was held toether by these large pivets, they all had to be cut off. This next project was way too much work and yet to be proven a good idea. Remove the old bellcrank system and up date the truck with the late model power steering. This mean relocating the steering box which was up against the firewall and finding the frame brackets off the orginal prototypes to do this, a rare find indeed. I even scoored the Rasmsey winch brakets and did have them installed, but have since changed my mind about the winch.

Box change

At this point I had decided that I would remove the original flat fender step side box and use this fleet side short box I got of parts truck number 4.

Short lived Scorpion and Smokey Ram

Small block Chev Scorpion intake Earlier this day the engine had a stock cast iron intake and after detailing the motor which prior owners had painted black. I had detailed it Chevy engine in proper color with out pulling it out of the truck, I bolted this nice scorpion intake on and then about 1 hour before closing a customer purchased it off the truck. I had really liked that manifold and was dissapointed further because the truck would site again while I found another intake, well sit for long it did not, the very next day on my lunch I bolted on a smokey ram I found laying about, ( note to self - stop leaving manifolds laying around the shop) The relitively stock motor didn't like this manifold and it wouldn't stay around long either. Eventually I located an Edelbrock performaer and left it at that.

Hand made wiring harness

I was finally down to my Electrical check list. This truck came into my possession with nothing no harness or interior, it was bare, nothing, no glass no nothing, I had to search and locate every piece and built this entire truck from scratch. This truck was so custom that I would need to make allowances everywhere so finding a harness diagram that was simple to start with was all I needed. I had no harness to even go by but I did have a wiring diagram from a 1970 Kaiser Jeep technical service manual.

I made the main part of this harness from scratch and I was able to use sections of for harness off donor trucks for things like electrical seats and visor lights and additional interior lights for the performance gauges, this all had to be done by way of in line fuses. This was real old school electrical that has no fuse box.

Pearl Fawn

This color is call Pearl Fawn. It is found in the en Sherwin williams fleet colors. THe color of this truck is how it got it's name. I wanted this to be a really nice daily driver! And one that I could use to replace my Scrambler that had been my daily driver for many many years now. That was going to be a tough act to follow, so I packed this one with all my favorite options from every jeep

High build epoxy primer for blocking

This truck has a lot of straight narrow lines and took almost 4 times as much work to block out than I budgeted for. The body work on this dash was as much work as the rest of the truck. it was the only slavaged piece of the interior, but just like the rest of the truck it has been used for target pratice and had a few holes, in total I had welded up a sum of 40 bullit holes. The only metal salvaged from the orgininal truck was the bare cab, the bare pass door and this bare dash, everything else had to be replaced. I used all the best condition parts from the donor parts trucks. Even welding in the holes for marker lights on the front fenders and any mounting holes for emblems, this truck is clean. The truck had been rolled by its original owners and it was far from perfect even after all this work, but it should make a nice daily runner!

I hate over spray

Door jams , fine line tape and another masking extravaganza

Custom and made to be unique front end with old classic look

Custom Grill and front hood latch with the look of the old front end of a Wills, but with some modern accessories like the profile mirrors on the Cherokee Chief, Usually Chrome, these were stripped and prepped for color match the truck.

The headlight ring picture doesn't show any detail, but this front valance started out as a rust free 1981 valnace I got from off the first parts tuck no 1. The retaining rings for the headlight hardware had to be reoved, they are spot selded, and the orgiginal rings removed formn the 1964 valance that was too damaged to repair. The basic structure was the same but a lot had to be changed to acomlpish this. In the end I have an old front end with no out side hood latch at all! I ran extra terminals for future use of tha air craft set used in the military. ( if I can find a set that is).


My first order of business was to get a windshield in this truck as I would have to start work on this one while it wa still out side.


I had this truck for 2 years before I finally got registration tracked down and it was definitely worth the wait as these trucks are hard to find. This interior shot is pretty much what it looked like when I first got it. The drive train was intact but nothing else! Literally nothing!

Some where in the archives I have a pictures of the out side of what this truck looked like before I actually purchased it. that was when I first saw it, which was when the body shop first got their hands on it. I purchased it from the body shop one year later when they had finally lost interest in finding parts. Although it had its drive train which was a 350 Chevy with a standard tranny 208 transfer case, it had absolutely nothing else. No wiring , no glass, no brake lines, no nothing! well it did have a freshly welded in checker plate floor that was there to stay if I liked it or not!

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