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Rambo - 1967 Rogue - 69 SC/Rambler Clone
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2001 SOLD $5000.00

This is how the car looked at the time I sold it. Still unfinished and some assembly still required. Just to get a car to this level was a ton of time and money but because it was sold prior to their recent popularity as a clone it was still only worth a third of what they are today. Even for a Rogue it is a hard to come by car in general, clone or not. This one I will regret selling for a while yet. How many times have you heard a fellow AMC 'er say that one!

Is this dash slick or what!!!

The decals were replicated, exact in size and style but color and material were different from the actual factory specifications. This clone wasn't complaining since joie's real Scrambler had the exact same set. Only car around here and noone to compare to in the flesh! So I did the choosing by way of "Yup this looks close" Look great for the pictures too eh!

Langley Good Times Cruise-in

Out of over 2500 car show entries joie's clone car gets attention and some coverage in the Local newpaper.

This was NOT supposed to happen!

Note to self, don't backup in foggy parking lot. You wouldn't believe how this happened!


Russell comes by for a final inspection before the transformation from Rogue to Rambo is in its colors. The red sides now is the last coat of paint and we can finally get out to the spray booth. After 4 weeks now these bright lights are giving me a headache! I have been working 12 to 16 hours a day to get this car finished.

That went well,

At this point if I had just painted the whole car rather than leaving the sides unpainted, I might have just stopped right there and left it all white, but because I chose to save on the white paint, I had to finish it and the red would have to go on now!

Getting ready for the main white color

NOw I am masking everything that has been painted , door jams, interior engine compartment under the hood and trunk, all done with fin line tape again, miles and miles of it!


I've lost count how many coats of primer are we at now???.

I know at one point I had changed the window masking already 3 times and keep on doing it so that no paint would build up on the tape. I use more fine line tape and paper than one could imagine. I really disliked over spray and wasn't going to have that on this car. So everything a new coat was added the masking extravaganza started all over again.

Interior color

Charcoal for the interior with all black trim, kept simple and easily touch ups for changes often made in race applications.

Test fit for V8

Test block with motor mounts on engine cross member, scattershield, 4 speed tranny, cross member and linkage all needed to line up at this point. Which they all did with the exception of the fire wall that had to be slightly massaged to accept the large diameter scattershield. I have at this pint already modified the motor mounts and they are solid, so once clearance is established that's all we need as nothing should be moving around now.

First coat of white and the beginning of a masking extravaganza!

This session the white gets shot in the engine bay the door jams and the inside of the truck lid and jams and the inside of the hood.

Once that was done, I could have the front windshield put back in, It is nice to know glass guys that make house calls! THANKS GARY!

True Scrambler Hood Scoop & insert modification.

This i nsert donated from my original Scrambler hood, this hood was in one of those windy stories where some one forgot to secure the hood pins.

Prep for interior color change and keeping only the necessities

I trimmed this dash down to only what I needed, This car was being built for racing and I would try to save weight anywhere I could.



Major body work

Remove all chrome, some metal replacement in a few areas remembering this is going to be a race car, so don't get to extreme with the detail.

Just arrived home, lets see what we have to work with...

I spent every minute of my spare time in the shop, so if my friends wanted to spend time with me they pretty much had to come to me, put on a pair of coveralls and get down to business. My friend Trevor was a heavy duty mechanic and was always up for those tough guy jobs like removing coil springs or anything with danger involved!

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