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Mission, BC, Canada
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A little about Joie Vaughan
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Hi, I am Joie Vaughan, I have an extreme passion for Muscle cars and that passion inspired me to built this web site It all started back in 2004 with a single page to share my most favorite vehicle that I had ever owned, an A scheme Scrambler I named Russell, which I had owned since 1987.'

I owned and drove my Scrambler prior to them being popular like they are today, driving one and keeping it maintained was tough enough, but never getting the respect of my peers only fueled me to try harder, my enthusiasm never faded. This car was like no other Muscle car I had ever owned. My enthusiasm would inspire .the creation of the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry inputing my research into a data base, that would ultimately give us answers about these cars and a way to look at them like never before.

This site and the registry has grown beyond my expectations and has no doubt made a difference in raising the status level of these awsome cars! I truely hope every visitor enjoys this site and finds it helpful.

Joie Vaughan

President - 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry
Joie Vaughan
Seattle International Raceway

On the left is the real Linda Vaughn and myself, this photo was taken in the year 2000 at SIR, (Seattle International Raceway)

People often ask me if I am related to the one and only Linda Vaughn, and I disappointingly have to say no. But we do share the same cool last name!

But really it was great getting a chance to meet and talk with Linda Vaughn. She was very busy and still made time for signing autographs, she remembered the SC/Ramblers and a photo shoot when they were new and thought she might still have a photo around in the archives.

You can't tell from this photo but I was real nervous to speak with her and I had hardly said a word, but she was very up beat and made me fell like an old friend even though I was a total stranger.

The help remember that day I managed to score a few autographed pictures and this signed decal. The good looking dudes (heart throbs) at the Hurst Booth said that they couldn't let me have a the big decals because they were only for the race cars, but that Linda just snapped it up and signed it to me. She said " This lady is wearing a race jacket and she wants's one of these decals", so got one I did!

April 1998
Street & Strip Motorsports Magazine

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Un be knowing to me, and I didn't find out until the day the magazine hit the stands, that I would be featured on the cover. This was a high quality locally published magazine that had a distribution of about 10,000 to our local business & hotrodders.

Once this came out everyone knew who I was and after all these years I was finally getting some attention at the car shows. I had a modest restoration business I called Supercar, specializing in aluminum profiling and extreme Glass beading services. I had created a nitch in the market, there was no-one else that could produce the type of finish I had perfected, so I took full advantage of the advertising. I took my Scrambler to every car show and trade display known to me with in my driving distance. I proudly displayed the car along with the display for my business. Even though from day one I had always used this car as an example of my restoration abilities, my newly painted red-white & blue SC/Rambler now featured in this magazine would become my company's recognized icon over night. It was clear that the car was going to attract a lot of attention in it's original colors and finally after years of going unnoticed and struggling in a tough male dominated market I would begin to see the promise of a sustainable restoration business.

More about Joie and how this HURST car would change my life
I look back on the years and I am truly grateful to have enjoyed as much performance driving as one little AMC car could give. This car often performed in the line of duty to extreme measures and kept on doing it every day I had it out. I had fuel bills as high as $800 a month during the summer months. Foolish spending no doubt, or a wise investment in my memory for when I am too old to drive? I'd like to thank AMC and HURST for making the best I could have asked for in a street car, which in my case was a daily driver not to mention the most reliable, dependable and durable car I have ever owned. After 19 years and 110,000 miles, I can honestly say that I had completely wore it out and the car still looked spectacular. There is no way I have the time to tell you about every mile, but anyone who has driven on of these cars can tell you, you do appreciate every mile. I have gone so many places and done so many different things with this car.

I am what I call a natural born hot-rodder for as long as I can remember. My long time friends, Larry & Pauline, have always supported me and have been largely responsible for my continued dedication in keeping this particular car alive and running. Although they have not always agreed with the things I have done with it, they stood up for me in the beginning years when I first owned it. I was the ridicule of most of my friends and peers as I had switched from Pontiacs (owning only 1969 GTO’s) to becoming an AMC admirer. How I got from there to here in time is some times a blur, but I wouldn't trade all the memories for the money it cost me, that s for sure!

Now going back a few years, At the age of 27, I was on my 8th GTO. My long time, good friends, Gordie, Rick and Tim were always very supportive of my interest in cars and largely responsible for getting me hooked into this hot rod stuff. My son’s father, Randy, was a die hard AMC dude. Myself and others usually made fun of because of his silly little AMC, but taking notes and watching him over the years I noticed that he hardly ever broke his SC/360 Hornet despite the severe abuse he would dish out while driving it, not to mention that I don't think he ever lost to anything down at our famous Latimier Road. He had been trying for years to convert me from Pontiac to AMC and eventually I was convinced and I started searching for an AMC to buy. I had chosen to try finding a Scrambler because of one simple fact I had learned about them. They never made one with an automatic, that s right, they were all 4 speed cars! Was that cool or what ! I was a die hard, 4 gear girl and to own a car that was never offered as a sissy automatic ruled big time.(not that there is anything wrong with automatics or sissy's for that fact)

Little did I know that these cars were so rare and that they would be so hard to find. The few I found over the next few years were not for sale and no amount of money was going to change that as I ran into some very stubborn folks. Why did these people have such a dedication to these cars?, I couldn't figure out what the fuss was to get one, they were just freaking Ramblers! Heck, my high school janitor had one. I remember the kids plugging the exhaust up with a potato and hearing the muffler explode in the school parking lot. These cars were everywhere weren't they?... Well it would take me 6 years to find one.

My Scrambler is the first American Motors product that I had ever bought… that was July 4th, 1987. I bought it in excellent running condition. I drove it trouble free for 2 years with the original 390 in it before starting to take things into my own hands. The drive home took 12 hours from Grangeville, Idaho, back to Langley, BC, Canada. Alternating drivers with 2 friends that accompanied me on the trip there and back. In a brand new T/A TRANS AM with long legs, yes, the trip there was a lot shorter than the trip home because of the Rambler… well, it had small tires but a bonus was that it had no carpets with that constant 3500 rpm @ 55 mph drone, was pleasantly recorded in my head and I could hear it for weeks… HA, like we could drive 55… ok, it was more like a multi level drone and what a ride it was!

After almost 20 years, this car has probably had more daily driven miles to and from work on it than any other muscle car in history. I say that rather boldly, but if there has been someone else with as much passion for performance, then I'd like to compare stories, because this wasn't easy. I personally logged over 110,000 miles on this Scrambler driving it everyday for about 15 years. Besides the fact that I spending a small fortune on my memories, I was blessed to have had such good fortune with the car as well as luck when it came to breakdowns. In all that time, I only ever broke it 3 times bad enough that left me strained and calling for a tow truck... Oh, you wanted to know what I broke, well it was a long time ago... so I guess it's ok to tell. The first one was self inflicted. After 11 years of constant 7500 rpm shifts, one day I was showing off as I left Laurie's Gym and completely scattered a T-10. It felt like a fire cracker had gone off in my hand while grabbing second gear. My first reaction was that of surprise like “Hey, I finally broke something.” Then instant disappointment as I realized that was my favorite tranny (2.64 first gear). The second time I broke Russell I was trying to get my new Holley carb to buzz up to 8500 rpm and I dropped the factory oil sump in the bottom of the pan due to vibrations caused by the solid motor mounts I just had to have. The third time, after 85,000 miles of already extreme street duty I was showing off grabbing compression cherps and exploded a clutch disc.

So you see, only 3 tow bills after 19 years of ownership and 110,000 hard miles and memories documented, it is quite obvious that showing off was child's play for this car and breaking parts was a very rare occurrence. Oh, don't get me wrong… I blew stuff up all the time, just not usually in this car, I mean you can ask anybody I hardly ever did that, I mean show off that is, I was always pretty good ... really I was ... ok well on the rare occasion I'd show off a tiny bit and sometimes my foot would slip and ... a little cherp might slip out by accident of course cause um ... like I said I never drove like that hardly ever... not really very often and and actually not at all sometimes and never never when people were watching or in the car and I mean I was just giving someone a ride and they were in a hurry... and they needed a ride nicely of course .. well I think once... or maybe twice, ...ok, ok ok but I am not kidding man, the car made me do it!. Ask anyone! That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

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