Matt Wilson, Founding Member
Original B Scheme, X-Ram seasonal driver. This car with a very rare AMC Cross-Ram has remained here in Uniontown, PA since is was new.
[HURST SC/Rambler] [Harley] [1700 Yamaha]
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Jan 2008
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Muscle Car performance as it was meant to be...

Oct. 14, 2007

Video clip
Grabbing gears in Matt's Scrambler! This SC/Rambler is an un restored car with 36,000 miles on it.

This is Matt, after watching too many burn out videos by another Scrambler, he just had to go out and burn some rubber himself!

I have owned my unrestored SC/Rambler for five years now and this is the first time I have ever done a power bake burnout in a 4 speed car. I made sure that I kept the RPM's low and never went over 4,000 RPM. I just held the brake for 4 to 5 seconds as not to harm anything in the rear brakes. I enjoy this rare car and parts are to hard to find. I know I could do a lot better but I was just having fun making a cool video of a B-scheme burnout. This was all car with no help from water or anything else on the road as the photo shows. It was fun and I can say I have done one now but won't do very many more.
This is the first true muscle car I have ever owned so I take great pride that I have been training myself how to do this kind of stuff in a rare car here in the year 2007. A few years ago I made my first ever pass at a drag strip with my Hurst SC/Rambler. I dreamed of owning a SC for twenty two years before I could get one and it was well worth the wait !!!! What a blast !!!!!!!!!!! I won't be a rookie forever!

Aug. 26, 2007
Castle Village Cruise

This man is named Harley.
He sold a 440 Roadrunner to buy this very nice AMX 343 4-speed car. Harley used to work for AMC just like his father before him. It was great to see this car out at a cruise on a Sundaynight in Pittsburgh Pa.

Aug. 8, 2007

Here is a young guy named Chris. We work together so it didn't take long for us to relize we are both car guys. Chris is into the imports and we thought it would be cool to check out each others car. He took me for a ride in his 2003 Acura Type S and I must say the little 4-cyclinder was super !!! The car really did perform better then I thought it would. It seems like it would take little for it to really fly. He is just as proud of his car as I am of the SC/Rambler.

I then took him for a ride in the SC and it wasn't long before a smile was on his face !!! He said the only other time he had ever been shoved in his seat like that was when he was in a jet plane. I will never forget my first ride in a import. I'm sure he will always remember his first ride in a old American muscle car a 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler.

Aug. 1 2007
Just instaled the new novelty plates on the Sc , these plates are available from our site click here for more info
July 22, 2007

This photo was taken 7-22-07. The young man sitting in my SC/Rambler is named Connor. Over the last few years Connor has been coming to the car shows with his parents, taking photos and having a goodtime at each event. He has decided that the Hurst SC/Rambler is his favorite! At this show I let him sit in the car for the photo and I gave him a Johnny Lighting diecast set with our SC in it. Man was he ever pleased and so was I. Connor also took a lot of photos of the SC/Rambler and I'm looking forward to seeing them. He looks to be quite a photographer so I can't wait to see them.
Thanks, Matt & Val

July 12, 2007

Last night Val and I were sitting outside talking with our neighbors and having a good time. One of my neighbors had a guest stop by and turns out he likes old muscle cars. He really liked my Hurst SC/Rambler and enjoyed learning about them. He had know idea Rambler ever made a Hot Rod. What was really cool about all this is that the man is a member of the Povertyneck Hillbillies. A well known country band that has had nationwide success. His name is Dave Cramer and he is the bands keyboardist / vocal . He is a great guy and he autograph one of our Johnny Lighting sets for us. Val and I also autographed a set and gave to him as it is a model of our SC.

The band has a new album coming out soon and I can't wait to get it. They say it is a good one. I'm sure Dave will come back as I told him I will take him for a ride in the SC/Rambler, he said he would love to. Wouldn't it be cool if they would use our SC/Rambler in one of their music videos !!!!!!! I would really lay the rubber down for that.
It was great to meet Dave and I wish all the luck to the Povertyneck Hillbillies.

Who is Povertyneck Hillbillies check out -

July 1 2007

We drove the SC/Rambler up to Pittsburgh Pa for a couple of nice car cruises. We had a great time and met a young man named Ronny along with his sister Anna. Ronny really liked the SC/Rambler so I let him sit in the car so he could get a feel for it !!!! He loved it so we gave him a autograph Johnny Lighting Head to Head die cast set with our Hurst SC/Rambler in it. We also gave them a 1512 Registry poster for the Hurst SC/Ramblers.
What a nice night it was for all of us. I felt great that we all got so much enjoyment out of this hobby.
Thanks, Matt & Valeri Wilson

To Matt & Val: Thank you again for the wonderful memory & really cool Johnny Lightning set & 1512 poster you gave to Ronnie. He is still talking about it & your pictures are wonderful. It was also a great memory for me too because I had never seen a real SC/Rambler live & in person. It is people like you that make this such a great hobby for young & old alike. Hope to see you around some cruises again. Thank You & God Bless Ron

June 29 2007

A good reason to do a through cleaning under the seats of a Scrambler that belonged to a legend.

Check out these photos of 80 old time slips for my SC from its drag days !!!!!!!!!! You will also see the 4:10 gears he bought back in the 70's but never used them as he had no need as he was winning with out them.

Bob Crayton from the early 70's regularly raced the SC/Rambler but took care to preserve the car and never cut it up. It was an eight time class winner at Keystone Dragway in Pittsburgh, PA. Crayton installed a "Group 19" Cross ram Intake, 290 degree Cam, and a set of headers. With these simple bolt on's, he turned his best 1/4 mile time of 12.61 This was with the stock 3.54 gearing. Bob Crayton told Matt that the car had run faster then 12.61 at Eldora raceway in Fairmont WV but he was not able to find the old time slips. He said he had won once at that track when he had the car set up right and a strong 390 under the hood.

On 6/29/07 Matt decided to give the car a good cleaning inside after owning it for five years. To his surprise he found some old time slips from Eldora raceway tucked under the seat. The best time on these slips show a 1/4 mile time of 11.35 !!!!!!!!!!!!! There were seven slips and all were in the 11's except one and it was 12.22 . It would seem that this was the only night this SC raced at Eldora raceway.It seems that the car was to fast and needed a roll cage to be legal. Matt now has 80 + vintage time slips for his Hurst SC/Rambler. He knows he is one lucky guy to have found this stuff. It is believed that that this track was shortened in the mid to late 70's to 1000 ft. and then to a 1/8 mile due to safety reasons with the shut down distance. Some of the time slips could reflect this change.

June 2007
Car show at Quaker Steak & Lube

This man is named Joe. He is old car guy and has even ridden in NASCAR's.
Here are Joe's words, " Matt invited me out for a car show over the weekend and a shotgun wedding (Oh, never mind we wont talk about that) I went for a ride in the Rambler and I was really impressed with how well it ran. I have several cars myself, (All Chevy's), but with this I should of had the Hanz Device from nascar when he shifted gears!!!!" "I am looking forward to my next ride, I will definitely be back on my next weekend off" Thanks to Matt,
Joe Walters

May 30, 2007

"Johnny Lightning" presents the newest release in the HEAD to HEAD series featuring our very own Registry Member’s Scrambler owned by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

These sets have sold up quickly and are now becoming ahard to obtain collectable! A limited number of these sets are sighned by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

Click here to read more

March, 29, 2007

Artist Danny Whitfield creates this one of a kind painting of Matt's B Scheme Scrambler in front of the Quaker Steak and Lube Restaurant Matt's car was on display over the winter months at their location in Charleston WV.

This print is available through our registry, check out the merchandise page for more information.

March, 2007

Page 101 & 102 of this new on line magazine Automotive Traveler. Matt's Scrambler featured in this online road touring magazine.

Article and design layout by Joie Vaughan.

December 2006
Did this SC/Rambler race the King Kong Hemi Cuda convertible in the early days? ...


Hello, I'd like to share some history about the King Kong Hemi Cuda convertible that is showed on page 122, of the December 2006 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine. That Mountain Mopar Cuda is to be auctioned off at a RM auction Jan. 19th, 2007.

The original owner of that Cuda lives in my hometown of Clarksburg WV, and we will say his name is J.B. Back in 1979 I was fourteen years old and my older brother, Charlie owned a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 440-sixpac , 4-speed in it. To make a long story short J.B. the Mountain Mopar Cuda owner was rebuilding the engine in my brothers Challenger that year. I stopped by his garage in the Glen Elk area of Clarksburg after school one day just to see how things were going, and to say hi. The engine was already out of the Challenger and J.B. was working on it. I could tell he was busy, so I left him alone. I was just standing there looking around when I saw a racecar over in the corner. I walked over and noticed that there was not just one, but two Belvederes. They were both Hemi cars, how cool !!!!!!!!! J.B. came over and showed me the cars, as he could see, I had much interest in them. He showed me old world records that were framed and hanging on the wall. As a fourteen year old kid who loved cars, I was having the best day of my life. He told me he had yet another race car he could show me if I wanted to see it. I said sure, so we walked up the street to his friends house. This friend is known by the name of Boogie and was J.B.'s driver for the Hemi Belvederes. J.B. opened up the garage door and there it was, the" Mountain Mopar Cuda" !!!!!!!!!! That Cuda was the coolest thing I had ever seen. J.B. told me some of the history of the Cuda and even let me sit in the car. I remember him telling me the 1971 Cuda convertible was very rare because it was a Hemi four speed car. It was a great feeling to sit in that Cuda as, that was the first time I had ever been that close to a true race car. I can remember holding the gear shifter and even what the car smelled like. From that day on I new I would always be hooked on muscle cars.

J.B. was a younger mechanic in Clarksburg WV, back in 1971 when he started racing the Cuda. He was friends with a older mechanic from Clarksburg, who we will call Mr.H. . Mr H. had been drag racing a old Studebaker Hawk that he had dropped a 392 Hemi into. Mr. H. who is now eighty four years old tells me that back when J.B. first started drag racing the Cuda, he was doing very well and winning a lot of races. This was all good until one night at a track in PA, he had to race a couple of guys that were running a 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler with a few bolt on's done to it. The Hurst SC/Rambler put a hole shot on the Cuda that night and J.B. couldn't believe, he lost to a AMC Rambler. He returned to Clarksburg with the Cuda in tow trying to figure out what had gone wrong. A short time later he told Mr.H. what had happened, probably the only person he ever told this story to. Mr. H. asked him what rear end gears he was running in the Cuda, he seems to remember they were 454's. Mr H. told him he needed to run 538's to let that Hemi work in high gear in the 1/4 mile. J.B. was reluctant to do this but Mr.H. told him he needed to or get used to losing to that Rambler !!! J.B. took the advice and went on to set those world records with that Mountain Mopar Cuda.

I have known this story for years, as I have been good friends with Mr.H's son for many years, he rebuilt the engine in my Hurst SC/Rambler. I just talked to Mr. H. a few days ago to verify this story. This is part of the reason why I always wanted a Hurst SC/Rambler. I am glad to say, I have now owned mine for four years after looking for a good one that I could get for twenty two years.

The largest victory the Mountain Mopar Cuda had didn't happen on the race track, it happened on the street when J.B. was hauling the car to a drag strip. A man ran a red light and crashed into the trailer that was hauling the Cuda. I seem to remember J.B. telling my father the trailer was a total loss but the Cuda was unharmed !!!!!!!!!!!!! After this close call J.B. bought a super nice and large Dodge truck that was a car hauler. This was a very nice truck for any of his race cars to be hauled on. I would like to own that truck today as well as the Cuda.

To end the story I will tell you that when J.B. was done rebuilding my brothers Challenger that baby would fly !!!!!! I learned to drive a four speed on that Challenger and will always have fond memories of it, but it was still cooler that J.B. let a young kid set in that Mountain Mopar Cuda back in 1979. I had lots of fun watching his Belvederes race at Eldora raceway in Fairmont WV in those years. My brother Charlie who was 16 years old at the time did well racing the Challenger at the same track in 1979. Here is a photo from back then. My brother is holding the Helmet and I'm the skinny kid holding the trophy. The other guy was one of our good friends, John.

My Hurst SC/Rambler has always been in western PA. but also raced at Eldora raceway in Fairmont WV back in the early 70's. My SC/Rambler was running the 1/4 in 12.61 back then. I wonder if it could be my Hurst SC/Rambler that got King Kong's attention one night and made him remember that he was really just another Chimp, we will never know.

Oct. 15, 2006
Official Registry representative Matt Wilson's un restored Scrambler with it's Cross-Ram intake is on display at Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant at their location in Charleston WV. It should be there through March of 2007
Sept. 10, 2006
Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville PA

I was asked if I would drive my Hurst SC/Rambler from Uniontown up to the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville Pa. I was more then glad to do this as I have been wanting to go. I can't put into words how that place will make you feel but it sure made me proud to be a American. They had me park the SC/Rambler close to the wall as the car is Red,White & Blue. I was there for about 7 hours on Sunday and I got to meet a lot of really nice people from all over the world.

I was nice that so many people went to the memorial that day, there was a sea of Harley Davidson motorcycles at any given time. Allot of people remarked about how cool the Rambler was and thanked me for having it there. I was also interviewed by CBS news.
I will never forget this day and what happened at Shanksville Pa.

July 2006
This Scrambler posing for the layout drawings of our 1512 registry logo

Although this SC/Rambler is an original B Paint Scheme, it has the stripe from the A Paint Scheme on the hood, top and trunk. I have talked to the man that ordered the car and he says he can't remember if the hood graphics came on the car or if the hood decals were in the trunk. He says the salesman might of put them on right after the car was delivered to the car dealership on October 12, 1969. He remembers the exact date because it arrived on his 17th birthday. Either way, they have been on the car since October 1969. The second owner had the stripe over the roof and trunk added in 1972.

July 2006
Open house for Wade's Garage

My friend Wade (also a member of our registry) had his open house for his new restoration shop in Fairmont W. Va. This photo was taken at his first show. Note the 1970 Rebel machine beside my SC. It needs to be restored but is a very solid car with a 4 - speed.

Both TV channels filmed this event and took many close ups of my SC and the Machine. The Machine needs restored so Wade wasn't going to put it out where people could see it. I'm glad I changed his mind as it was a big hit with the people.

Car Show at the Woodland Zoo, poster featuring Matt's Scrambler

Poster for the Woodland Zoo 3rd annual car show & oldies concert.


Photo work that was done of the SC by Dave Anderson.

Summer 2005

These are the 4 national magazines that this car appeared in over the summer of 2005.

It was always a dream to see my car in a magazine and much to my surprise it appeared in these 4 magazines with in a 2 month period.




First place , A.A.C.A National Spring Meet Greensburg Pennsylvania


This is a painting of my Hurst SC/Rambler that was done by top auto artist Danny Whitfield. Mr Whitfield has completed pieces for comedian Bill Cosby, talk show host Jay Leno, former Ford Motor Co. Chairman Alex Trotman and Chrysler Corporation President Robert A. Lutz.

May 10, 2005

Race vehicle plaque that certifies this SC/Rambler in the race car class for the A.A.C.A. (Antique Automobile Club of America) The SC won a first place at one of their national meets. Both plaques are now on the grille of the car.If you ever want to see the finest examples of Classic,Antique and Muscle Cars just go to one of their events as they are just great.



Chrysler Classic AMC Champion

Me with my AMC hat on and the other guys are Jeff Johnson, the president of the Chrysler Classic Events and the guy with the trophy is the GRAND CHAMPION, Gary Sheldon.

Keystone Raceway

The photos of my SC at the track is from 2004. It was my first and only pass in any car to date. It was my dream to take a Hurst SC/Rambler down the strip if only once, It was worth the over twenty year wait for me to do this in my SC.
This was done at PRP the old Keystone raceway near pittsburgh Pa. My SC was a eight time class winner at this track back in the 70's.

Matt Wilson Purchased this B scheme car from Bob Crayton

Special Thanks to Bob (Crazy) Crayton for keeping such a nice history of the SC/Rambler Up to this point Bob had owned the car for 31 years. and BIG THANKS FOR SELLING ME THE SC/RAMBLER OF MY DREAMS!!!!

For more history on this well documented legend click here - Bob (Crazy) Crayton.

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