Matt Wilson,Founding Member

Original B Scheme, X-Ram seasonal driver. This car with a very rare AMC Cross-Ram has remained here in Uniontown, PA since is was new.
[HURST SC/Rambler] [Harley] [1700 Yamaha]
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Dec 26 2007 Membership Draw
Hood Emblem

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As if Matt hasn't given enough of his spare time to this site and the registry but he also was being generous when he offered up this original condition hood badge from his personal collection as just one of many prizes to be given away Dec 26, 2007, this prize was won by Al Russell.


Thank you Matt from everyone in the registry!

Jan, 16, 2007

Matt & Wade Linger experiencing the Barrett-Jackson Auction


Registry Promotions Director Matt Wilson did an awesome job of promoting one of our registry's Scramblers at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Huge thanks to you Matt for the excellent job of promoting our Registry and the site! This is a big step forward for these AMC rare cars. That SC/Rambler sold for $49,500 not in cluding the addition auction fees.

Matt Wilson's garage, obviously a die hard AMC fan!

Seeing how it was always my dream to own a 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, I thought it would be cool to make my dream complete by making them a nice garage. Here it is and I have to say I really like hanging out in this garage !!! I truly enjoy sitting in my chair watching NASCAR racing and other motor sports on the little TV I put on the wall. My friends also like coming over and enjoy drinking a cold beer while I have the garage door open enjoying the night air. It is real nice to have a garage like this as I can now enjoy the SC even in the winter.

I must thank my wife again as she helped me do this. Yes she thinks I'm a nut but she agrees with me that this is the coolest room in the house !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dreamed I would have fun owning a AMC muscle car but I never thought the Hurst SC/Rambler would become such a huge part of my life. It has been a great ride and I hope it last for many more years as it keeps me feeling young and wild !!!!!!!!!!!

The most important person in the whole world is my wonderful wife, Valeri. Without her this dream of owning a Scrambler would not of happened for me!!! I owe her big time. I am a lucky guy. She is everything to me and has helped me get my SC/Rambler. Life is GREAT now, as I have been blessed with another chance at a good life. I have done allot of back-breaking work through the years, so it is very satisfying for me when I drive the SC, because I'm truly driving my DREAM!!!! The fact that I was with my family when my dream started and ended up happy with my new family when I finally achieved my dream is great.

It took me 22 years to get my own SC/Rambler. It was worth the wait. I can't put into words, how good this makes me feel!

Getting educated on AMC's in IRAQ
Video Clip of Martin and I.

From left: good friend Eugene, middle Martin, Matt on the right. I took Eugene went for his first ride in a AMC. He loved it! Says he needs a neck brace so he can do it again.

I have a friend named Martin Hubeaut who returned home on 3-2-05 from his 14 month tour in Iraq !!!!! I had met his daughter in a restaurant as she noticed the AMC hat I was wearing. She told me her Dad was in Iraq and that he owns a 1970 AMX. I gave her a picture of my SC/rambler and wrote a note on the back of it along with my address. Martin wrote me back and from that point on i sent him any magazine i could find with AMC stuff in it. The first one was about a AMC 390 build up in HOTROD MAGAZINE !!!! My family and his have become friends and are very happy about his safe return. He only lives 20 miles down the road so we are looking for the weather to brake so we can get the AMX & SC/rambler out again!!!!!!!!! He was home on leave for Thanksgiving for a week and we got the cars out for about a hour and video taped each other doing burnouts. I let him drive the SC and I got to drive his AMX, this was cool! Out of all the cool things I have gotten to do with my Hurst SC/rambler this new friendship is the most special. It is nice to know in some small way i was able to make those 14 months he did in Iraq a little easier as those magazines took his mind off of where he was, THANKS HOTROD MAGAZINE !!!! This is where the FREEDOM = AMC thing comes from. I wrote this on everything I sent him as I knew he was showing all this stuff to the other troops!!!!! GETTING EDUCATED ON AMC's IN IRAQ, how cool is that!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TROOPS

I saw my first SC/Rambler in the summer of 1981, I had just turned 16 years old...

In the summer of 1981, I had just turned 16 years old and my parents knew this would be the last summer that our whole family would be together as one. My brother was 18 and starting his own life. They decided since we could all take turns driving, we would go on a 10 day trip through the mid-west!!! We lived in W. Virginia, so it was a long drive just to get to Indiana. From that point on, it was great, we got to see everything you would want to see.

My family were all car nuts, so the one thing that was different for us on this trip, was that, we would stop at any old car museum that we could find. Man, was it COOL for me and my brother. In W. Va. all of the old cars rust so bad, that it was great to see old cars that were just worn out and not just rusted away. Most of these old car Museums were no more than old barns filled with old junk cars, but they all looked so cool.

There was the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, South Dakota. This place was just GREAT! They had lots of stuff and real cool cars. Some were restored and some were not. Most were in barns with dirt floors and cool car signs hanging on the walls.

Out of the cars they had, there was one that I had never seen before. It stuck out like a sore thumb from all the rest. It was an (A) Paint scheme, Hurst SC/Rambler!!!! It just looked ready for a fight. I could see myself driving that car around my home town and getting into trouble. Well, the rest of the trip was great, but I never got that SC/Rambler out of my head!!!! In the background there is an original painting of my SC/Rambler, painted by Danny Whitfield, also given to The Pioneer Auto Museum. The owner of the museum said, he will hang it on the wall by the SC/Rambler along with a story so everyone can enjoy it. This Rambler on display there to this day is the same Rambler that started my dream all those years ago.

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