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Ap 11, 2007
Steven Stull's message about his HURST SC/Rambler restoration as it is being officially documented by The 1512 Hurst SC/Rambler Registry.

Hello, I'm Steven Stull.

I have been involved in Muscle Cars even before they were labeled Muscle Cars. I drove new to school many of these cars and started working on them at age 15.
I got into a restoration shop in repairing and educated by the old school guys. Painting and working on just the Muscle type cars as I knew these cars throughout. AMC's I have had (3) 390 Go Pack cars but never a Scrambler. Always amazed at the very few made and even from new I can't recall one on the street just driving around. I had to find one and started about 8 years ago in a all out search. Nothing. I bought a rust free 37,000 mile 1969 Rambler Rouge in great running condition to make a clone. Same charcoal interior and perfect body. In the search for the parts to make the clone lead me to this car I have now that a person was going to part out and keep the engine, factory performance package Scrambler car. Before I left I had struck a deal to acquire the engine that was from the car and came home with the entire car.

Detail perfectionist -

I have a strong reputation and past proven in museums and websites as to my work. I do my own work and have a level of standards that I work at. I am a very meticulous person and will not do anything today that will be taking short cuts. I no longer do this type of work for a living and only do it for myself and the Love of the machine to keep them alive. The SC/Rambler is a very special car and has made it's mark in history. I am here to bring one back to the very best of my abilities and it will stand the test of time. Non-Undercoat car and radio delete. Nothing to hide on this one.
I do have a vast background in the car industry and depend on very few to complete my own cars. I believe in hands on as that is the whole reason to have one of these. Believe me, If you can't work on one of these then you most likely will never enjoy owning one, Or drive the car as they were meant to driven and not just talked about what you have sitting in a garage never to see the light of day. I strongly believe that it is just not the owner of these cars that is getting all the thrills, It is the people on the outside that are thrilled to even a chance to see one again on the road outside a auction or Car show that it was trailered to.
I do not take credit for work I did not do. This car is at the top in my personal attention. I have done this car in the detail myself and only sublet out the rest to the best in the country.
Steven W Stull

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