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1512 Registry information page last updated: February 26, 2012 0:52 AM
The 1512 Registry's Mission  

The registry mission is to research and document the history of every one of the cars so we can uncover the many mysteries about them, but more importantly we want to document the history made by the people who have owned and driven these cars, the events and stories of the lives of the real people and this is what makes our registry stand out above all other registry's. There are so few of these cars remaining today and no doubt, these are one of the most under rated muscle cars in history and the 1512 Registry is dedicated in seeing their way to the top of the muscle car collectors must own list.

One of our goals for the registry is to provide a safe on line community that anyone at any level can access valuable information free of charge. Good and honest information is made readily available so everyone can make an educated decision for themselves and their cars. We suggest that owners research and listen to what everyone has to offer, look at all the pictures from the survivors list and try to make an informed decision from your own findings.


Our Registry's AMC community networking commitment


The registry provides a wealth of valuable and much needed free information for everyone on the net and the people who own and still drive these rare pieces of muscle car history today. From the absolute concourse exhibits to the daily drivers, race cars and car show trailer queens, what ever you want to build, as a registry we can provide you with the community of people to assist with finding the parts and services you will need to do your restoration your way.


We are a sharing community and charge no money for our services, creating members pages or researching vin#s, and assisting with the sale or purchase of a SC/Rambler. Anyone charging money for services with implications from our registry is doing so without permission from the registry and is acting alone, this type of activity should be reported to the registry administration.

Please exercise caution when making decisions or dealing with any one person who you do not know. No member from this registry is permitted to act alone as a representative of the registry and has no authority to make judgment or comment on the behalf of the registry. If any such activity was implied by anyone, this should be immediately reported to the administration.

How to Join the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry  

To join the registry you will need the following information: The vin # from your vehicle, the paint code and sequence information from the drivers door tag (if available), and a valid email address. If you do not have access to the info requested, you can contact Joie Vaughan and she will manually add you to the list until you have access to your registration information.

To be documented in the registry, you could be anyone who has ever owned a HURST SC/Rambler at one time or another and can prove ownership to some degree. The current owners of any Scramblers can join our registry by filling out this entry Join Our Registry, once your entry has been added to our data base your car will show a small red flag for the first 30 days. All other known Scrambler enthusiasts can join the registry by contacting Joie Vaughan.

The registry's data base will only accept each vin# one time, if you could not submit an entry to this registry, it's possible the vin# you have is from a previous owners entry or a partial documentation of that vehicle and should contact Joie Vaughan for further assistance.

It is the 1512 Registry's goal to document every Scrambler built whether it still be with us today or not. If you know of anyone who owns one of these cars, or who might have owned a Scrambler at one time, please encourage them to join us in our quest to document these great factory race cars and the people who have made history in them. We look forward to the day when we have all the answers about our rare and limited production factory race cars, the 1969 AMC/HURST SC/Rambler.


PRIVATE Registration


Private entries are granted to those who wish to have their cars documented but wish to remain anonymous. We have made provisions for these private entire's for the accuracy of the registry and so we may establish a true number of surviving cars in order to substantiate their value as rare muscle cars. As one can well imagine, these cars have been owned by some very interesting people, from movie stars, famous racers and perhaps even a few folks that would rather remain anonymous for sneakidy reasons. In such cases we offer OWNER PRIVATE entries.

Owners wishing to have their cars added to the registry with respect to privacy. These entries are documented in the same manor for the purpose of completing our research and counted in the number of surviving Scramblers. Your identity will be kept private. You will still need to fill out the join form in the regular fashion using your real name (for registry records only), check the box that reads: Request private entry. Your entry on the survivors list will appear: OWNER - PRIVATE. You may be requested by a follow up email to provide the registry with proof of ownership for our records. Your personal information, email address and name will remain private and will not be shared with the public viewers or other members.

Registry memberships are vital to the proper operation of the 1512 registry.  

Please remember this is an information sharing registry and not at all like a typical car club. Our operating procedures are completely fact and preservation directed. There are no politics with-in the registry and as a member you have the freedom to speak your mind and have access to services and assistance from other members willing to do the same.  The registry provides valuable information, parts resources, networking and up holding the value of the HURST SC/Rambler. Your membership ensures that the registry can operate efficiently towards our mission.

Joie Vaughan
7685 Blott Street
Mission B.C. Canada
V2V 3K2

Standard membership - $25.00/year.

1512 Vendor’s membership - $100.00/Vendors who are members of the registry.

Vendor’s membership - $200.00/ All Automotive related vendors welcome.

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