Johnny Lightning HEAD TO HEAD SET" 1969 1/2 HURST SC/Rambler vs 1969 AMX
Page updated February 10, 2008 10:18 AM

"Johnny Lightning" presents the newest release in the HEAD to HEAD series featuring our very own Registry Member’s Scrambler owned by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

These sets have sold up quickly and are now becoming ahard to obtain collectable! A limited number of these sets are sighned by Matt & Valeri Wilson.

The 1512 Registry is currently documenting the history of these HURST SC/Ramblers which have recently been basking in a significant upturn in popularity and appreciation by muscle car collectors and enthusiasts. A rare and almost forgotten muscle car, the 1969 SC/Rambler along with the 1969 SS AMX factory race car represented AMC’s most aggressive performance model year in the in history of the company.

This latest release of Johnny Lightning’s head to head series features the ’69 SC/Rambler with its popular cousin, a stock ’69 AMX. This performance car contender box set featuring the highly regarded but rarely owned SC/Rambler would make a great gift for die cast collectors or a fun surprise for any family member under the Christmas tree.


Born as factory NHRA factory F stock class race cars, the very limited production Hurst SC/Ramblers buzzed the streets and tracks all over the country for only a few years. Reduced today to an estimated 300-400 surviving cars, the SC/Rambler of today is a rare find indeed. The 1512 Registry is dedicated to the preservation of these rare and often unappreciated cars. Our relentless research on these cars has created more questions than answers and it is thought by many that no two cars are exactly alike. Ongoing research has uncovered a number of interesting statistics :

Only 1512 cars were built with hand fitted HURST options making them almost impossible to complete exactly the same from one car to the next

There were slight variations in options and components at time of assembly even though advertised as having no options.

The much vaunted “A Scheme” is now the overriding favorite but as sales slowed in the spring of 1969, a new version, “B-Scheme”, with a more subtle approach was produced to lure more buyers the AMC showroom

Racing teams frequently purchased these cars and then immediately repainted them to match the team themes

AMC dealers were known to paint these cars in solid colors after the end of the model year in order to move them off their dealer lots

Common for daily drivers was a fresh coat of paint after the first year or two, just to take the heat off the car. These cars had fast written all over them and often mistaken for misgevious offenders.

But today with only a few cars left to document, there's a good chance many myths about these cars will remain a mystery. After disappearing into a near oblivion for many years, these amazing little Ramblers are coming back strong and as depicted in this box set, are as bold as ever. What makes Matt & Valeri Wilson’s car featured in the box set so interesting is the unique stripe combination which at first glance may not appear factory correct. One of the most well documented cars on the registry with history and racing while residing in one community for its entire life. In our registry we give plenty of consideration to the use of the term Factory Correct for SC/Ramblers. With all the variations we have discovered through research of each car, the use the term Factory Correct essentially means it has the right Vin # and either all the factory installed parts or dealer installed “Group 19” options.

Matt and Valeri’s SC/Rambler holds even greater significance as it is one of the original 1512 Registry founding SC/Ramblers. And although this car is not 100% the way is came off the AMC production line, it clearly demonstrates that you don't need a perfect concourse correct car to go out enjoying everything the hobby has to offer. Matt Wilson can share examples too numerous to count of how much he has enjoyed owning and driving his SC/Rambler. His enthusiasm for the cars far out polishes any imperfections a purist or critic may find with the car. The Classic Car hobby is about having fun and Matt and Valeri give precisely that advice: “Just go out and have fun!”

The 1512 registry supports and encourages the promotion of these cars in any condition. If you are lucky enough to own one of these cars we encourage you to join the 1512 registry on line community to help ensure the preservation of the HURST SC/Rambler and to support its rightful place in muscle car history. The registry strives to ensure that the SC/Rambler will remain on the streets today and into the future, for everyone to enjoy for as long as there are fossil fueled cars on the road.


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