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Limited Production Factory Race Car - 1969 AMC/HURST SC/Rambler

The HURST SC/Rambler's were sold as factory NHRA F stock production race cars and used very much in the line of duty. Although most of them now accompany crash and burn stories, there are some that remain in private collections, seen only by their owners and then there are a few others that the owners continue to use them for the purpose they were intended.

In a world full of high production number muscle cars, these Scramblers now are rising to the top of most enthusiasts’ lists for the ultimate muscle car to own and are being sought after by collectors who once never gave them a second look. These Rambler Scrambler's are now, one of the top 10 all time greatest muscle cars, but even more interestingly are one of the most underrated muscle cars ever produced. This little Rambler SC/Rambler had what it took to keep up with the best of the big 3 and despite actually accomplishing that, this little compact Rambler muscle car did so with-out the degree of respect that it deserved. Competing in a the tough market of performance consumers, over the next 30 plus years to come, only the true AMC fan could endure the constant bullying from the on lookers and stigmas like - Ramblers were your grandparents car.

A true AMC fan knows and there is no way to explain how it feels to own one of these cars, for many years we have had to grow a thick skin but never were our minds changed about these cars! Don't forget the parts availability to keep this car on the road are equally as hard to obtain as the car itself. One thing is for sure, It has taken a special breed of person to maintain the kind of dedication that comes with the constant verbal abuse by disbelieving owners of other muscle cars. Interestingly enough the owners of these cars today are largely still those same dedicated fans.

Today's muscle car market is a little different. Collectors are noticing how cool it would be to own one of these rare gems. Parts availability has slowly improved over the last few years and will greatly improve the probability that these cars can be resurrected rather than destroyed. No doubt, the value of these cars for the true AMC fans today will certainly reflect the amount of long over due re$pect.

Joie Vaughan, President

  HURST SC/Rambler Racing History
Table of contents - 1/4 Mile Drag racing 1/8 th Mile Drag Racing Rally Racing
  1/4 Mile Drag Racing
  Here are just a few Legendary Scramblers in the line of duty. It is my honor to present to you, the only true factory race cars from the era of all mother muscle cars makers. This Racing Histrory page is in honor of those who dared to be different and face the oposition with a bold attitude and more than enough power to change your mind about a Rambler!
8 Seconds
1969   Today

This HURST SC/Rambler was a drag car since new and over the years it evolved into a low 8 second Chevrolet powered car running in a variety of classes.

It was originally owned and built by Ken Keir.
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9 Seconds
10 Seconds

This SC was running the 1/4 mile in the 10's
It is not known who owned or was driving this car or at what event this picture was taken.

11 Seconds
12 Seconds
1969 - Lakeview Rambler - American Image

The picture is fromDecember '69 issue of SS and Drag Illustrated that and they list the car going 12.49 at 112.80 mph.

1994 - Rick Boshart won a junior gold trophy at the Denver PA nat's

Owner Rick Boshart has also run a best time of 12.07 @ 114 in full street trim on street tires.


1980 - David Furlin against Maskin & Canners Pro Stock Hornet

Here I am lining up with a pro stock car, I had open headers and I still couldn't hear my car running!

He is playing with me I'm nervous as all heck. I cut a great light had the crowd on their feet, the rev limiter caught me at 6600 rpm in 3rd gear, I was to busy worrying about him and hit 4th gear to late, I lost. It was so cool to get the to race these guys!

The best ET this car ran is 12:29


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Video clip - Early 1970's drag racing footage
1970's - Bob Crayton, Keystone Raceway Park
"Home town B Scheme Legend"

Bob Crayton regularly raced the SC/Rambler but took care to preserve the car and never cut it up. It was an eight time class winner at Keystone Dragway in Pittsburgh, PA., he turned his best 1/4 mile time of 12.61

Video was taken in the mid to late 80's and that was when my SC was running a all stock 390. Bob's mom took the video back then and the car went on to win that night, note the newer win decal on the window. This SC was a eight time class winner at this track back in the 70's. This footage was the last time Bob ever had the car was at the track.

2004 - Matt Wilson, Keystone Raceway PA

Matt Wilson at the track. It was my first and only pass in any car to date. It was my dream to take a Hurst SC/Rambler down the strip if only once, It was worth the over twenty year wait for me to do this in my SC. This was at PRP the old Keystone raceway near pittsburgh Pa.
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13 Seconds

Joie Vaughan, Mission Raceway Park - 2000 Mission B.C. Canada
"Nostalgic Olds Time Drags"

The best ET 13.10 @ 110 mph, after repairing a broken axle in the pits. Not bad for a tired ratrod 360 built by a girl.
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1970 - Original Owner John McKee
Phoenix dragstrip, Mel Larson’s

The old photos show this very early Scrambler with cheater slicks. My best time at the track was 13.80
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2006 - Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Racing event held in Stanton Michigan

Bob Witt at the 2006 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Racing event held in Stanton Michigan every September. I'm matched up with a 69 Road Runner with a 440 six pack. We, the SC/Rambler and I, beat him in the first two races. Best two out of three. Best time this year was 13.88, 102 mph, not bad for a stock SC/.
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14 Seconds/or
unknown time slips
The NewBreed
Rodeo Motors Calgary

This SC/Rambler listed on our survivors list, belongs to 1512 registry member Sterling Stump this car resides on Vancouver Island Canada.

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  1/8th Mile Drag Racing
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  Rally Racing
1969 - Off Road Baja

This is one of only 2 known Scramblers that was made as a 4-wheel drive.
This car was originally owned by James Garner.

James Garner owned 10 Scramblers number from 100 to 110, this would be car 110!

James Garner TEAM
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