HURST Decals , you could probaby buy them on their own, but they also came along in the packaging with their products at your local speed shop.

Decals from an entire era of performance driven company's and your number one choice was HURST. The HURST name alone ranks it #1 on any performance minded driver in a world where muscle cars ran ramped on the streets. This is an era in time treasured by the true enthusiast pioneers who hold those memory's of their first car and the first race.

Scoring decal for braging rights was a bonus for the dedicated owners who had already spent their paychecks at the speed shop on the newest hurst products in time for the races. If you were in the habit of collecting memorabilia, then decals were the perfect answer for someone with limited budget, the were easy to carry and if you were lucky you could get one autographed. Most of those original decals collected made it to our tool boxes, the car window or engine compartment, the shop bathroom, anywhere you could fuel the need for speed.

These decals are like place markers in our lives and times cherished. It is always cool when you see an original condition muscle car that still have these vintage decals on the quarter windows of cars that have not only survived, but are still driven today still un restored and equipped as they were when they were new.

The real die hards of this era knew brute performance in its prime, in a time where our only testing grounds were the race tracks and the only trophy you needed was your time slip. You just had to be there, where it was all happening, where the ingenuity of the the speed demons would test their products and pour on the entertainment with honest hard earned bolt on engine goodies.

It is hard to explain how a performance junkie thinks, but one thing is for sure, you should know by now if you are one!

Decals that may have came with the purchase of a great

Decals that came the HURST SHOCK ABSORBERS

I wonder how many miles these original Gabriel shock absorbers were meant to last, I know of a few muscle cars today that still support the original set. ( the shocks that is, not the decals)

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