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Updated Tuesday, February 7, 2012 3:38 PM

Welcome to the new HURST MUSEUM at Amazing Muscle Cars.com
This museum begins as an on line gallery of images and memorabilia belonging to private collector Tracy Byrd, whom has more HURST than one can imagine, so what better way to exhibit his incredible collection than to open a museum in honor of the sugject of the collectors fancy, HURST. Tracy and myself (joie vaughan) hooked up through one our developing HURST registry's. Tracy was helpful in providing some photos of interest about the HURST SC/Rambler.

After only seeing a few photos of his collection, I discovered that there wasn't much that tracy didn't have in the way of HURST in print and even products. I was impressed with his collection and I knew this would be a great addition to our already HURST dedicated site so here we are, building an online museum to show case our enthusiasm for the HURST performance enfluenced muscle cars.

This museum is possible with the co-operation of Tracy Byrd, his extensive collection, Amazing Muscle Cars, the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry and it's supporting members who are deticated to keeping the site interesting and on line for everyone to enjoy while our registry continues to document the history of the HURST Cars.

The 2 cars featured on the right of this page are the founders of the 1512 Registry. President - Joie Vaughan and Promotions Director - Matt Wilson Two Scrambler owners bursting with enthusiasm generated from behind the wheel of a HURST Rambler. These 2 ordinary people from different country's just happen to meet via our big WWW and were inspired by an era and an extraordinary car to create a registry that is today "Adding more enjoyment to ownership" Some of these rare surviving Scramblers can be seen from the registry's current survivors list

Amazing Muscle Cars HURST MUSEUM is fast becoming the largest collection of HURST muscle cars from all over the world covering anything HURST under the sun.

The museum will stay open and continue to be developed on line and will become at home here in our muscle car community at Amazing Muscle Cars. We will schedule regular new additions to the museum every week bringing new finds and interesting viewing material on a regular basis. Browse through the museum and we hope you will return from week to week to see the progress of this site dedicated to the HURST Cars.

We look forward to hearing from you, so drop us an email and let us know how you enjoyed your visit at the MUSEUM or if you require further information or if you have something you would like to share with this museum

Thank you, joie vaughan

Welcome to the HURST Museum!
I first got up close and fell in love with HURST when I bought this car... I could not have know what a chance contact with a man from PA would become ...
joie vaughan

This is the car that started it all for me, changed my life forever and would of course be the first car to be documented in what would become the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry...
This B scheme Scrambler owned by extreme enthusiasts Matt & Valeri Wilson would be the second car to be documented along with joie vaughan's Scrambler, and this union would be the creation of the 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry...
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